Wordpress Care & Maintenance Plans.

Help Me Net’s website care and maintenance plans are tailored to ensure you have the ongoing support you need to climb that mountain, explore that glacier or just go on a really nice hike. Whatever your digital goals are, we offer practical, down-to-earth advice while looking up at the stars.

Affectionately known as the Summit Club, our plans are designed to provide peace of mind by keeping things running smoothly in the background.

Just like brushing your teeth, website maintenance keeps things clean and fresh while helping to avoid expensive bills down the road. With so much changing constantly online, a good maintenance schedule should help your site keep up to date, protect against threats, and backup your information.

Summit Club is more than just web maintenance. Think of it as having access to a webmaster on your team without the salary. We are here for advice and as a client you have first serve ability to contract for extra work.

We have over 40 clients currently on our Website Care Plans who rely on us every day to keep their website up and running, and their business flowing.