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We help overwhelmed business owners navigate the online world.

You’ll have the systems and tools you need to show up, grow your reputation and ideal audience so you can make money sharing your magic.

Help Me Net’s Online Marketing Plan
3 Peaks of Excellence


Online marketing starts with really understanding your business. Let’s find out exactly where you are and where you want to go. We’ll build a strategy to get you there and pack your bags ready for the journey.


Your website is the base of operations for all your online marketing efforts.  We build beautiful, performance-focussed websites that work for you. Your customers will easily find, trust and buy from you.


Our special brand of authentic Content Marketing attracts the right people, making it easy for them to say yes to your offerings. Content strategy, marketing, social media and search queries demystified.

You don’t have to climb mountains alone

The learning curve to take your business online and on to new heights can feel like scaling Everest. 

Sure, people have got there before. But there are plenty who fell along the way. You need experienced support to guide you – no cowboys. The prep work needs to be done, the weather checked, the route mapped out. You need a plan – one that’s about you and your customers, not the fashion of the week.

Help Me Net can provide you with the training and support you need to get up that mountain. 

You can trust in our exceptional service to steer you around the crevasses and create a website you’ll love. You’ll be taking solid, dependable tools with no extra baggage to slow you down. We’ll keep cheering you on up to the top and won’t let you get lost. We’ll stagger the journey to match your fitness levels.

And how does it feel standing on that mountain? 

Cool, crisp and clear with you firmly in control, looking good and ready for the world to see.

Our clients are very happy

Anna at Help Me Net is incredible, her service and experience are next level. I needed help to learn where I was at with my online presence and Anna went above and beyond with her report and strategy suggestions. My expectations were blown out of the water with incredible rinse and repeat social media content ideas based on content I had already created. I would never have got here on my own.

Anna MabeyHealth and Wealth TrainerEmpire of WellBeing

Anna immediately understood the essence of my business and helped me get clear on what was important to share on my website. She guided me through the content writing process and then created an elegant and informative website. The ongoing support from Help Me Net means I don’t have to worry about the day-to-day running of the website. And I know as my business changes shape, Anna will help my website evolve as well. Thank you!

Lissa ChongMarriage CelebrantCelebrations of Life

Help Me Net NZ has totally transformed my business page. They have helped from the start and my Facebook page has grown from just over 1000 followers to nearly 3000. The ongoing support and quick help with technical support has been amazing. Highly recommended.

Karen WellsChefThe Donut Caravan

When I started out in business I didn’t grasp the importance of a good website and consequently went cheap – you get what you pay for right. Anna rebuilt my site and I’ve never looked back – I’ve gone from 40 subscribers to nearly 4,000 and I continue to steadily grow . My website is gorgeous – I’m so proud of it! It’s user friendly, for both me and the customers and on both laptop + mobile. We meet for 30 minutes every week and evolve the site along with my business’ changing needs and my budget. She also advises me on social media and is always looking to improve my set up/ style and teaches me new tricks to keep me growing. Without Anna, Edible Backyard would’ve faded away. I highly recommend Help Me Net – worth every penny.

Kath IrvineGardener, Writer, Teacher Edible Backyard

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